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Is a transfer right for you?

The simple answer to this is that there is no right or wrong answer.

The right decision for any person when considering whether they should transfer their final salary pension is to consider all their options carefully, and after having taken professional advice, and then to make the decision that is right for them.

These days, there is a lot of rhetoric and speculation in the press, a lot of which is badly misguided and sensationalised. Therefore it can often be misleading to base opinions on things that have been read in the press (which are typically written by people who are not professionally qualified to give pension advice)

Also it can be misleading to rely on advice from friends, as their opinions may sometimes be based upon information which is not factually correct, and also because they may well have financial and familial circumstances which are entirely different to your own.

So the correct approach to making a decision with regard to transferring your final salary pension should be to have your options fully explained, without influence, by a professionally qualified adviser, and to then take your time and give some very careful consideration to your decision.