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Cash Flow Modelling

The major requirement of a pension fund is that it provides you with sufficient income for the lifestyle you require for the rest of your life.

Therefore an important part of considering any transfer from a final salary pension is to consider whether the transfer value provided will be sufficient for this purpose.

At Kingsley Financial Consulting we take a more scientific approach to this, rather than leave it to guesswork.

We do this via cash flow modelling, whereby we input all your financial circumstances, and model this to ascertain whether your final salary pension transfer value will be sufficient to provide you with the income you require, for the remainder of your life.

As a final salary pension transfer will also involve an element of investment risk, and nobody can ever guarantee that your fund will not fall in value, we also provide modelling based upon a worst case scenario, which in our opinion is a 20% fall in the value of your pension, so as to establish how things would look if the worst were to happen.

This way, you can be confident that if the advice is to transfer your final salary pension, then it is based upon a robust process, rather than just on guesswork.